2nd international meeting in Prague summary

„Prison, Reintegration, Education. Trainings to support social and labour market (re)integration of people in or after detention


The second project meeting took place in Prague in March 2016. There were present all organizations participating in the project, namely: Edukos (SK), Slawek Foundation (PL), RUBIKON Centrum (CZ), Váltó-sáv_Alapítvány (HU) and Gartycious Grudas (LT). Two representatives from each organization attended the program.
We started program at 9 a.m. with the look in to the project chess on the streets, in which was involved RUBIKON Centrum and which can be inspiration for other partners. In the project there are involved prisoners who produce playing chess pieces within carpentry workshop. The pparticipants of the meeting also visited Saint Charles Borromeo Home which is unique project in Europe where the Prison for female convicts is within the Home. Similarly as in the past, they offer the convicts occupation in the kitchen, in the laundry room, and in providing the necessary cleaning of the Home. But in addition, inmates may also help in the wards. They organise St. Zdislava Training Courses for them in the Home so that they may become qualified medical orderlies.
It was also discussed within the meeting mid-term project evaluation, evaluation of the meeting, output 1 – Trainings in the prison and output 4 – Focus on Freedom.

The main topic of the meeting was the output “Opportunities in preparation for release” (methodology/methods). Representatives of each organization presented two methods which they use for preparation of their clients for release. After each presented method followed a discussion and all participants could ask questions about presented method. The methods which were presented were also selected for the further development within the project. Here is short overview of the method: 
The organization Váltó-sáv Alapítvány presented method of “Change-Fever: board game for preparation for release” and “Bibliotherapy – method of preparation for release”. Aim of the Method Change-Fever: board game for preparation for release is to prepare the prisoners for their duties in the first month after release. However the game reviews these duties playfully, it is also didactic and easily understandable. Therefore, the values and norms of the mainstream society can be adapted easily and ’empirically’ during the game. Bibliotherapy is a highly effective method to the development of self-awareness and self-esteem of the prisoners under the detention, in addition also other competences are changed positively (reading comprehension, text production, communication, etc.).
The organization EDUKOS presented “Socio-therapeutic method of preparation for release” and “The simulation game for the development of financial literacy”. Socio-therapy is the basic method of social work. It is an activity focused on the renewal, improvement, rehabilitation and allieviation of the social status in which the clients find themselves. The simulation game is an effective pedagogical tool for the development of financial literacy with a whole range of problem target groups that find themselves in long-term unemployment.
The organization RUBIKON Centrum presented “Cognitive Behavioural Method PUNKT Family” and “Financial Literacy courses”. The main objectives of financial literacy courses in the prisons are to increase overall competence of inmates in the field of financial literacy, inform them about the problems of debt and explain them their rights and also obligations in a debt solution. Program PUNKT Family is a group or individual therapy program focused on re-entry of Juveniles and lowering the risk of recurrence based on method of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The name PUNKT Family means I don't make trouble anymore, pal. Period and includes work also with the family of juveniles.
The organization Slawek Foundation presented methods “Aggresion Replacement Training ART” and method of „Creative resocialisation”. Aggression Replacement Training® (ART®) concentrates on development of individual competencies to address various emotional and social aspects that contribute to aggressive behavior in youths; the program techniques are designed to teach aggressive people how to control their angry impulses and take perspectives other than their own. The method of creative resocialisation consists of several interactions. E.g. the method of correctional theatre and the method of correctional sport.
The organization Grudas presented methods “Convicts integration into society” and “Deeper self and others cognitive methods”. The essence of the program Convicts integration into society is to help the convict to decide understand what work activity can bring to him; to strengthen convict's motivation;  to check what is the best convict suited for, what activity to choose. Deeper self and others cognitive method is based on learning better and deeper to know ownself and others with or without help of psychologists and social workers.
Project website: http://www.preproject.hu/
Websites of partners:
Váltó-sáv Alapítvány (HU): www.valtosav.hu
Slawek Foundation (PL): http://www.fundacjaslawek.org/
EDUKOS (SK): http://www.edukos.sk/
RUBIKON Centrum (CZ): http://www.rubikoncentrum.cz/
Charity and support fund „Garstyčios grūdas” (LT): http://grudas.com/en/