3rd international meeting in Warsaw summary

„Prison, Reintegration, Education. Trainings to support social and labour market (re)integration of people in or after detention

Social sensitization
International meeting and Workshop Booklet – summary

The third project meeting took place in Warsaw 28th - 29th of September 2016. There were present all organizations participating in the project, namely: Edukos (SK), Slawek Foundation (PL), RUBIKON Centrum (CZ), Váltó-sáv_Alapítvány (HU) and Gartycious Grudas (LT). As a host was Slawek Foundation.

We started our visit in 28th of September on headquarters office of Slawek Foundation in Warsaw at 9 o’clock. We toured the office, we had the opportunity to observe the daily work and get to know the staff. We went on to discuss about O5 (social sensitization). Representatives of the Slovak organization Edukos presented a presentation about social sensitization. According to the program we listened to testimony beneficiary - Józef Grzyb and Slawek Foundation President’s Marek Łagodziński. There was also time for questions and discussion.

Another element of the day was a trip to the Foundation Sławek’s centre of rehabilitation in Mienia near Warsaw. There, after lunch head director of centre - Krystyna Żołynia guided the participants around the facility We were familiar with the place - its history and philosophy. Krystyna closer also its working methods and plans for the future. There we watched nascent plantation of goji berries. After free discussion we moved on to discuss on issues related to the O5 - social sensitization. Each partner presented its activities in this direction and ideas for the future. Representatives of the Czech talked about interviews which are organised for ex-convicts. They have a Recruitment Agency, organised conferences for employers, use website to shared informations, distributed many of materials focused on public and employers. Slovakian also cooperate with employers. Additionally they work with other organisations and public institutions of development of the system of penitentiary and post-penitentiary care. Hungarian organisation arranges discussions with released, ex-criminal youngsters. They also organise visits in Prisons (preparation talk - ‘world of prisons’, ‘people under detention’, practical knowledge for the visit, etc., implementation - the visit itself, processing - talking, ventilation). They examination of job portals and organise interviews with HRs. Here we find the events, recordings, articles, exhibition of works of convicts, competitions for prisoners, anti-discrimination workshops. The organization also runs a charity shop. Polish is campaigning #nieskreślam (I do not cross out). They organised cyclically artistic event Mienia Art. Participated in a few international projects (E.U.R.O.P.E., Incorporates). They are acting as experts on conferences, TV shows and radio auditions. Lithuanian organisation regularly informs the public about the fund's activities and projects. They also organized seminaries for potential employers. The work was completed by 19. We returned to Warsaw.

Second work day started also at 9 o’clock in headquarters office of Slawek Foundation in Warsaw. We discussing the points of the basic curriculum in social sensitization. It developed by VSA. We had open discussion about training methods. After analysing VSA proposition there was many question marks about what future actions we should take, and how the training development should be proceeded. Then we describe target group: employers, probation, mediation officers, social workers, students, teachers, prison service, public in general and media. We described as well the actions that should be taken to change social sensitization of this groups such as: interviews, modified assessment centre and development, visit with employers in prison, meetings of ex-prisoners with other groups, storytelling, good practise examples of successful jobs done by prisoners, exhibitions, sharing the experience among employers who employ prisoners or ex-prisoners and there who do not employ them yet, ethical code for CSR involved companies, live library, peer mentoring – experienced person who can help with social work. After lunch brake we continued work with Common Curriculum – Social Sensitization Training. There are still questions about its final shape that we would like to explain during next Video Conference. We agreed that every organization will prepare own propositions of how to deal with social sensitization and we will try to combine it into one common curriculum.

Project website: http://www.preproject.hu/
Websites of partners:
Váltó-sáv Alapítvány (HU): www.valtosav.hu
Slawek Foundation (PL): http://www.fundacjaslawek.org/
EDUKOS (SK): http://www.edukos.sk/
RUBIKON Centrum (CZ): http://www.rubikoncentrum.cz/
Charity and support fund „Garstyčios grūdas” (LT): http://grudas.com/en/