5th international meeting in Alytus

Prison, Reintegration, Education. Trainings to support social and labour market (re)integration of people in or after detention
The summary of the 5th international meeting in Lithuania
Development of transversal competences

The fifth project international meeting took place in Alytus, Lithuania on June 05 and 06, 2017. All organisations of the project: Váltó-sáv Alapítvány – HU, CSF "Garstycios grudas" – LT, RUBIKON Centrum – CZ, SLAWEK foundation – PL, EDUKOS – SK, were present at the meeting. Two representatives of each organisation attended the program. The host organisation of the meeting was CSF "Garstyčios grūdas".

The program started at 08:00 a.m. on June 05, 2017 at seat of the Alytus prison Halfway house (Ulonų st. 31, Alytus, Lithuania). Director of CSF "Garstycios grudas" Stefa Kondrotienė started meeting with greetings for successful arrival to a meeting in Alytus. She wished for everyone a successful and effective work and visit. Alytus prison halfway house social worker prepared slides in which was provided detailed information with pictures about halfway house activities and specifics. The slides were in Lithuanian language, so they immediately were translated into English and presented by of CSF "Garstyčios grūdas" expert Jaunius Mincevičius. Director of CSF "Garstycios grudas" S. Kondrotienė introduced with a halfway house social worker Asta Abramavičienė, who showed us halfway house facilities and told about the life of convicts and reception conditions. Stefa Kondrotienė told about CSF "Garstyčios grūdas" activities in reintegration center "EXIT", which is founded in Išlaužas village, Prienai district. Submitted major differences of working conditions and specifics between the prison halfway house and reintegration center "EXIT". Briefly defined a collaboration of CSF "Garstyčios grūdas" and Alytus prison.
S. Kondrotienė proposed to discuss about the rest of the day and the next day program. Stephanie informed the meeting participants that the program time for second day is very short, according on how much it should be in order to get familiar with the CSF "Garstyčios grūdas" activities in Alytus correctional facility, to take a look at all facilities and communicate with prisoners who are involved in the rehabilitation program and meet with prison director Kęstutis Jasmontas. In this regard, she asked to gather at expected time for breakfast, because CSF "Garstyčios grūdas", will regale meeting participants with a national dish - zeppelins.
Then it were discussed other aspects of O7 and terms of work performance and presentations of O7. After the coffee breaks the expert CSF "Garstyčios grūdas" J. Mincevičius presented the slides of O7 - Development of transversal competences.
After the lunch, representatives of each of the partners in slides presented their work on O7- Development of transversal competences for convicts and persons released from detention facilities.
Katerína Mikulaštiková, (RUBIKON Centrum, CZ) vividly told and presented the described competencies "Time managament end Entrepneurial competences" by drawing on the conference sheets. Explained about "Time management" and "Skills of initiation and entrepreneurial compet".
Then Michal Čipka from KIC Edukos presented his slides. He submitted 1. The characteristics of transversal competences; 2. The reasons for choosing the two competences; 3. The characteristics of the chosen transversal competences; 4. Exercises for the development of the chosen competences; 5. The results of the testing of other transversl competences.
Krzysztof Łagodziński (Fundacja Slawek – PL) presented his slides. He submitted: 1. The selected competencies; 2. Problem solving; 3. Competences in work/labour market. 4. Testing competences.

After Krzysztof Łagodziński presented his slides Lídia Klára Lindner (Váltó-sáv Alapítvány – HU). She submitted: 1. Definition - comeptency; 2. Transversal competencies: in the interpretation of VSA, imprisoned, released target group; 3. The characterisctics of the development of transversial competencies; 4. Why transversial competencies? 5. Your exercises and evaluation of tested partners' exercises.

After the partners presentations was a general discussion related to the preparation of materials of O7 -suggestions, comments, terms, etc.) and a meeting summary - analysis, comments, suggestions.

The second day of the meeting all the participants gathered in a halfway house at 8:00 am.
At 8:30 all the participants of the meeting from a halfway house went to Alytus prison. Everyone was authorized to enter the forbidden zone, but before that visited the prison museum, in which were a lot of exhibits. The chief of first squad told the participants about the exhibits which interested them and their purpose.
After the museum for the participants was shown conditions of prisoners' life in the first local sector. The environment of this local sector to the participants was shown to understand what is the difference between environment of an ordinary local sector and environment of rehabilitation center "Oasis". The chief/educator of first local sector spoke about his work with prisoners in this division. In the 5th local sector meeting participants were introduced to the rehabilitation center "Oasis" environment - facilities and their use. S. Kondrotienė told about the rehabilitation center services to the clients and create an opportunity to sit all together in the lounge room and talk with the prisoners. From here, the participants went to the work zone where CSF "Garstyčios grūdas" has a facilities rented on loan basis from Alytus prison, in which are equipped woodworking vocational training workshop with all the necessary machines and equipment. Director S. Kondrotienė told how many convicts had the opportunity to get education and to acquire the carpenter profession.
After this tour, the participants rushed to prison administration to meet with the director Kęstutis Jasmontas. During the meeting, participants viewed the prison specifics and cooperation with CSF "Garstyčios grūdas". Director to Marek Łagodzinski question - "Are you satisfied with the work of CSF "Garstyčios grūdas"? Has answered clearly and firmly, "Yes, I am really happy about that and I hope to cooperate with them for a long time".

After that we returned to the halfway house where we have done the final summarization of the meeting and its evaluation. Klára Lídia Lindner (Váltó-sáv Alapítvány – HU) presented the goals and objectives of O8 product. Partners asked questions about what they are able to provide for development of this product.


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