Multiplier event in Lithuania

Date: 2016. 12. 28. 10.00-14.30
Place: Sodų g. 2A, Išlaužo k., Prienų r

 Prison, Reintegration, Education. Training which support integration into social and labor market for persons who are in prison or released from prison. Cooperation for innovation and best practice exchange implementation. Strategic partnership in adult education":
Multiplier event gave us the opportunity to communicate with relevant stakeholders, which whom we wanted to establish contacts and cooperation in the future.
Multiplier event started at 10.00. by presenting Pre-project. Expert Stefa Kondrotienė presented the main purpose of the project, ways of cooperation and basic expectations.
Dissemination event we started with presentation of the project and our partner. At first the expert presented partner countries experience implementing trainings in prisons and briefly explained what the situation is the prisons. For participants we presented our experience working with prisoners. Firstly was presented the first intellectual product O1 developed by project partners - "Trainings in prisons". The main topic of discussion was about what trainings need convicted and imprisoned, and what is the possibilities of prisons. Participants were included in the discussion about how to help prisoners who are going to get out of prison and are preparing for the freedom.. Then the expert Stefa Kondrotienė introduced a second intellectual product O2 - "Preparing for release to freedom" and developed a deeper discussion of the first and the second theme. In this discussion, we looked at different public, private sector and NGO's, which could implement reintegration of convicts and persons released from penitentiary.
Further was presented intellectual product O3 developed by project partners   - "Digital skills development possibilities in closed institutions". Participants were interested in these intellectual products and were interested if they will be able to get them to use in their practice.
After intellectual products presentation we showed for participants pictures of the three international meetings with our partners. Then, the participants asked questions about the pictures and the methods that have been shown in them.
Another part of the event was intended to introduce the intellectual product testing in prison. Participants liked interactive methods, they were interested in their effectiveness and expressed a wish to get them to use in their practice.
The final part was developed with discussions between multiply event participants. Discussions themes were focused on the relevant trainings and the possibility of prisons. For the participants were offered ways to help prisoners rehabilitation process and reintegration into society and the labor market.
With the event participants we discussed  Prienai district and Išlaužas community systems, programs, their weaknesses, successes, failures, and possible ways to increase the effectiveness of the programs, which are focused to the reintegration of convicts.
2016. 12. 29.