Multiplier event – RUBIKON Centrum

Date: 2016. 10. 14. 11.30-15.30

Location: U Tiskárny 3, 702 00 Ostrava

 Prison, Reintegration, Education. Trainings to support social and labour market (re)integration of people in or after detention. Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. Strategic Partnerships for adult education”:
The multiplier event was connected to the official opening of a new office of RUBIKON Centrum in Ostrava. Connection of this two events gave us access to important stakeholder with who we wanted get in contact and cooperate. The opening and the introduction of new office was held before we started official program of multiplier event. The multiplier event started at 11:30 by introduction of the PRE-project. Our Expert Lenka Ouředníčková introduced the main goal of the project, the kind of cooperation and main expectation. She also outlined the possible ways of cooperation with RUBIKON Centrum in connection to the PRE projects outputs.
A discussion about “TRAINING IN PRISONS” took place after the brief introduction of the PRE-project. The expert introduced firstly experience from partners’ countries and explained shortly the situation in prisons there. The participants had also their own experiences form abroad and they were willing to share them with others. The main theme of the discussion was about what kind of trainings in prisoners is needed and the possibilities of the prisons. The participants started spontaneously a discussion about opportunity how to help prisoners on their way from the prison to freedom. As it was actually the topic for discussion about “PREPARATION FOR RELEASE”, introduced Lenka Ouředníčková also the second output and allowed to continue the discussion about both topics also during refreshment. The discussing enabled to meet different sectors in the realm of integrating prisoners and ex-offenders. Through this dialogue we managed to connect representatives from Probation and Mediation Service ČR, Employment Department of ČR, Prison Service, other Civil Service, Government and NGO’s. The representatives from these three worlds had the chance to hear about needs but also about possibilities of others.
We also showed participants photos from the three international meetings and from our partners to make the project more familial. The participants asked then more about photos and methods connected to them.
Next part of the event was introduction of output testing in Prison. One part of introduction was participation in an exercise which was linked to the financial literacy – Loan and Debt. The participants had task to choose the best loan. The participant could thanks to this short practical exercise experienced an interactive method of work with prisoners.  Responses were positive, but partly also sceptical due to the playful form of the method.
The new workers of RUBIKON Centrum in Ostrava and our expert Lenka Ouředníčková took chance and introduced the possible ways of cooperation with RUBIKON Centrum before the final discussion took place. The guests got chance to ask for support which they really need. The RUBIKON Centrum offered realization of already proved trainings and discuss with them possible extension while inspiring by PRE-project outputs.
The last part was a moderated discussion between representatives. The main theme of discussion was possibilities in trainings in prisons and possible ways how to help prisoners on their way to freedom. We discuss also state system and disadvantages, successes and failures, and possible methods to increase the efficiency of the system and programs focusing on reintegration.


                                                                                  Kateřina Mikuláštíková

2016. 10. 22.