Multiplier event
Prison, Reintegration, Education. Trainings to support social and labour market (re)integration of people in or after detention. Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. Strategic Partnerships for adult education”
Collegium Civitas, Warsaw

In order to promote the project PRE we organized event. It took place on 28th of October at the headquarters of the Collegium Civitas in Warsaw. We invited prison guards, social workers, representatives of other non-governmental organizations, teachers, students and volunteers. We hosted 23 people.
The meeting began at 10:00 greeting guests by the compere - Maciej Sopyło. We introduced the guests to the subject of the meeting and presented the project PRE. Krzysztof talk about project – what we doing, why and how. In this section there is also a comparison of penitentiary systems and statistical data on prisons in the partner countries (O1). After a short discussion moved on to discuss the various activities.
During the presentation (O2) introduced the division into:
- Interactive methods of rehabilitation as like PUNKT or interactive program Convicts integration into society,
- Innovative methods of rehabilitation as like “change fever” game, financial literacy course or testimonies,
- Art therapy methods of rehabilitation as like read it to me or bibliotheraphy,
- Socio-therapeutic methods of rehabilitation as like deeper other and self-cognition or socio-therapeutic method from Edukos.
After the coffee break was a discussion. Together, we meditated on how to adapt to our conditions selected programs (such as the game "change-fever"). Also discussion about the new employment program convicts currently introduced in Poland. Our meeting leader Maciej talked about very interesting method which realised in prisons – prison newspapers creating.
This event was a very good occasion to sharing our activities and views with other people which are interested in work with convicts. We also connect with Prison Service – they had a lots of questions about interactive method of work with prisoners game change fever.

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