Prison, Reintegration, Education. Trainings to support social and labour market (re)integration of people in or after detention
Warsaw, 28.10.2016

- Content: 4.86,
- Method: 4.57,
- Location of implementation: 5,
- Duration: 4.29,
- Organization of meeting: 4.71;
- Program: 4.71;
- Tools and materials: 4.71;
- Overall impression: 4.71.

What did you like the least?

  1. distance – I had far away
  2. it not always everything was clear
  3. no comment
  4. presentations - should be nicer
  5. everything was ok
  6. everything was ok
  7. leader of presentation
  8. no comment
  9. too stripped down material
  10. sound equipment

What was the most positive?

  1. everything was the best
  2. meeting in the form of discussion
  3. atmosphere
  4. atmosphere
  5. everything
  6. well prepared presenters
  7. disscusion / exchange of experiences
  8. presentations and discussion
  9. preparation of highly successful international programs
  10. well prepared presenters
  11. well prepared presenters
  12. compliance with the program and a presentation time
  13. very clear presentations

How can I use the informations?

  1. for a thesis
  2. they are inspirational
  3. to create new work methods with convicts
  4. at work
  5. at work
  6. at work
  7. at work
  8. at work and school
  9. at work, self-develop
  10. at work
  11. at work, self-develop
  12. at work in the future
  13. at work

at work, school, to self-development.

Any other comments, suggestions, ideas for change:

  1. no comments
  2. no comments
  3. everything was ok
  4. presentations - should be nicer next time
  5. no comments
  6. I would like to participate in events like this in future
  7. firstly more theory, secondly programs describe
  8. I hope I will able to be a participant next time
  9. I am waiting for more events like this one
  10. more informations - maybe more meetings


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RUBIKON Centrum (CZ): http://www.rubikoncentrum.cz/
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