„Prison, Reintegration, Education. Trainings to support social and labour market (re)integration of people in or after detention

This is a common project of 5 partner organizations (VSA, Slawek Foundation, Rubikon Center, Edukos, Grudas) from 5 different countries (Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania), based on mutual experience and method exchange, knowledge extension and share, focusing on a special, vulnerable, disadvantaged target group: ex-offenders, criminals, people under criminal prosecution, under or after detention. The project aims at decreasing social, educational and labour market handicaps of the target group. Among people under detention low school education and early school-leavers are over-represented, the group is characterized by the lack of basic, key and transversal competences. On the whole, this target group is characterised by the deficit in knowledge and information. They are lower qualified persons with low job socialization and/or work experience. Prejudice is therefore significant, making reintegration (including accommodation and job search) extremely difficult with a criminal record. The general goal of this project is to decrease economic/social and/or political marginalization, to provide opportunities for (re)integration; to start a change in social approach towards members of the target group and their problems; to combat discrimination and unequal opportunities. Specific goals: to support the development, transfer and realization of innovative practices, methods and guidelines through cooperation (transversal competence development in the case of people under or after detention, testing of the developed guidelines/methods on a local level; mapping opportunities for the preparation for release (methods, methodology, tools) – testing on a local level, Focus on Freedom: preparation for release (a publication in the national language of the countries, with CD); social sensitizing – tolerance improving, anti-discrimination training for the majority of society (employers) – developing common training material, as well as guidelines and methodology; individual, customized help: mentoring, individual training/development and learning paths – guidelines, methodology and developing “good practices” – testing on a local level; project publication editing; organizing multiplication events (5/500); creating 8 intellectual outputs; experience exchange on a high European standard via common activities – knowledge share, visit to institutions, experience exchange: workshop (5 pcs/5 countries), common activities (creating intellectual outputs and multiplication activities). The long-term effect of the project will be a positive impact on both the participating organizations and also on their client group: the vulnerable target group suffering discrimination. The project helps increase awareness and recognition of partner organizations, supports their capacity and management, their project management skills/experience develop – as a whole, partner organizations become stronger, which will have a positive effect on the future mitigation of difficulties in the situation of the target group. On a local/national level, the project can focus stakeholders’ attention on the target group’s problems and on possible ways of solutions. The target group and their problems, as well as development opportunities, intellectual outputs and their content will have a chance to become the focus of social discourse, which will in turn have a favourable long-term effect on the target group.


Project website: http://www.preproject.hu/

Váltó-sáv Alapítvány (HU): www.valtosav.hu

Slawek Foundation (PL): http://www.fundacjaslawek.org/

EDUKOS (SL): http://www.edukos.sk/

RUBIKON Centrum (CZ): http://www.rubikoncentrum.cz/

Charity and support fund „Garstyčios grūdas” (LT): http://grudas.com/en/